The Art of Teaching Writing

Articles, essays, editorials, and meditations on T&W’s mission, “educating the imagination.”
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50th Stories: Fifty Years of And

By Christina Davis As I write this from my desk at a nearly 400-year-old educational bureaucracy (alias Harvard), I am astonished to reflect on a place—and such a fully catalyzed community—that instead of impediment upon impediment managed somehow to place possibility before all. In its fifty years of existence, Teachers & Writers Collaborative has never…

50th Stories: Her Exact Words

By Linda Morel Teachers & Writers Collaborative will turn 50 years old in fall 2017. To celebrate this milestone, we asked people who have been part of T&W’s work over the last five decades to tell their stories. T&W teaching artist Linda Morel writes about a talented and determined fifth-grade poet.   With long dark…