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50th Stories: Finding Community

By Jenny D. Williams Teachers & Writers Collaborative will turn 50 years old in fall 2017. To celebrate this milestone, we asked people who have been part of T&W’s work over the last five decades to tell their stories. Author Jenny Williams remembers being a T&W Fellow alongside poet Christina Olivares.   We’d been staying…

The Poetic Rant

We all need a good rant now and again–why not use it in the classroom? In Linda Morel’s lesson plan, students pick something they strongly oppose and write a rant expounding on what is wrong with it.

Jazz Poems

Jazz Poems Written in response to listening to “Milestone” by Miles Davis   by Ashley (4th grade) Penguins bopping up and down quacking like crazy because they can’t stop Bright orange floating all around Full of color, full of life Summer coming, full of fun Life, life, life, it’s all quite crazy People soar… on…

Dear Mr. Doctorow

2017 Runner-up of the Bechtel Prize By Eileen Sutton Author Garth Greenwell selected Eileen Sutton’s “Dear Mr. Doctorow” as the runner-up for the 2017 Bechtel Prize. Teachers & Writers Collaborative awards the Bechtel Prize to the author of an exemplary essay that explores themes related to creative writing, arts education, and/or the imagination. Greenwell said, “This…

How (Not) To Teach Gender

By Jude Dry I am nine years old and about to audition for Tom Sawyer.  I’m at a semi-professional children’s theater in Palo Alto, California, where my family is living for the year as part of my father’s sabbatical. There are two lines: boys and girls. Tom and Becky. I’m preparing to read for Tom….