2 Night Songs and a Morning Scream

My Night Song
by Jonathan V. (2nd grade)

I hear my brother snoring
It scares me
I hear my dog bark all day long
I can’t stand it
I hear the moon singing jazz
While it goes down
I hear the dirt flow through the wind


My Morning Poem
by Mikaela W. (2nd grade)

Some mornings I scream
I also throw a fit
I can smell sadness
It feels sharp like a shark
I am as angry as a bear
But then I am happy like a panda
I am hungry like a zombie


My Night Song
by Saleh A. (2nd grade)

I hear my brother crying
I hear my dad snoring
I hear the wind from my window
I hear the rain


The Poetry Room
The Magnet School for Environmental Studies and Community Wellness, Brooklyn, NY
Amina Henry,  writer‐in‐residence



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