A Collection of Haikus

Haiku of Peace
by Peter E. (6th grade)

A bark for a bite.
Just a bullet for a life.
A hug ends it all.


Helpful Haiku
by Aydin A. (6th grade)
Here is a haiku
There’s seven syllables here
And there is five here


by Eleanor F. (6th grade)

The cold moon looks down
On a green and blue planet
The wonderful Earth


New York
by Amy G. (6th grade)

Big city with bright lights
My forever, loving home


by Magie S. (6th grade)

Haikus are stupid
They are hard to make any time!
I am frustrated


Haiku: Nighttime
by Yoobin O. (6th grade)

Ink splattered the sky
Forests decline in light and warmth
Dots of light peeking


Lost, ​haiku series
by Syeda H. (6th grade)

So mysterious—
Coming to reality
In a world too big

Feeling hesitant
To meet other people
After a long time


Pen to Paper
PS/IS 122Q Academy for the Intellectually Gifted, Queens, NY
Olaya Barr and India Gonzalez,  writers‐in‐residence


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