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Innovative lessons/ideas for teaching creative writing, presented in clear, lively prose. Submissions should provide sufficient detail (e.g., resources needed, texts that might be used as models) to enable a reader to teach the lesson without having to refer to other sources. When possible, lesson plan submissions should try to “paint a picture” of the atmosphere in the classroom when the lesson was taught (including excerpts of class discussions, student questions and responses, difficulties and surprises, etc.) as well as samples of student writing resulting from the lesson.

Conversations with:
Poets, novelists, nonfiction writers, and playwrights about their work and craft, as well as their thoughts on creative writing education,
Individuals from other fields about the impact of the arts on their lives and why they believe arts education is important.

To celebrate the creativity of students who participate in writers-in-the-schools programs or community creative writing opportunities, Teachers & Writers Magazine will publish student writing submitted by teachers/teaching artists, as well as photos, audio, and video of students reading or discussing their work.

Articles, essays, editorials, and meditations on T&W’s mission, “educating the imagination.” Submissions may address current issues and concerns in arts education, advocate for the value of literary arts education, or provide glimpses into the joys, struggles, and successes of teaching creative writing both within and outside formal education settings.





Submitting to Teachers & Writers Magazine

The initial approach to Teachers & Writers Magazine should be an e-mail query that specifies:

  • The intended section for the proposed submission, and
  • A brief (500 word maximum) description of the proposed article.

E-mail queries should be sent to editors@twc.org. Please include the name of the section for which the submission is intended in the e-mail subject line.

If a submission is requested after the Editorial Board reviews a query, the submission should be in Word format. Photos should be in .jpg format. Submissions must be sent via e-mail to editors@twc.org. Submissions will not be accepted via mail or fax.
Questions regarding these submission guidelines and Teachers & Writers Magazine should be directed to editors@twc.org, 212-691-6950.

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