As Loud as the Sun – Student Writing from P.S. 153

Matthew Brailas

Writer in Residence, Spring 2019


“Week after week, the young poets of PS153 floored me  with the generosity, wisdom, creativity, wildness, and beauty  of their work. They were a great inspiration to me, not only  as teacher but as a writer of poetry myself. It was a delight  to see their passions and personalities reflected in their work  and to watch them, week after week, find their footing in  the sometimes rocky terrain of poetry.   Reading and writing poetry are always acts of  empathy. Poetry not only invites us to occupy another  perspective, it demands it. These poems are an opportunity  to step into and explore the minds of some of the most  talented students I’ve ever had the pleasure of working  with. Their perspectives are rich and full of wonder. I hope that you will enjoy exploring them.”

Featured Student Writing

Army of the Bangtan World 

by Albatina R. 

Won’t you celebrate with me 

The kindness in my heart 

The strength in my veins 

The power in my voice 

The warrior of words in me 

Because every day I admire others 

Every other day I inspire others   

I am proud of me 

A BangTan warrior 


A poet 

A Muslim 

Without a doubt 

I know when I am beaten 

Nobody will stand in my way 

Because those who used to 

Accompany me on my way   

I will not fight 

But I won’t give in 

Obstacles are friends, 

Not things to be beat 

They have feelings, not made to be hurt   
I am proud to be me, 

To have blood in my veins 

Let’s all be happy! 

Ode to Fireflies 

by Fahim A.

Bright angel in the air. 

Feeling blind in the morning, 

but the queen of beauty in the night. 

But the question is, 

from where did you get your… 

magic light? 

And how did you get your… 

magic light? 

Being the only angel to be seen 

with the naked eye. 

When I die, I will still never say goodbye, 

my best friend sitting with me 

outside in the dark. 

So now we bow to the queen of the night. 

She makes the night look like day. 

I want to come out and start to play. 

But it’s night. The day has ended. 

I’m a sleepy prince, 

so turn off your light and go away.  

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