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Where Does It Take You?: Using the Poetry of Paz, Pacheco, Gutierrez, Blanco, and Deltoro as Models

“I urge my students, whether elementary school age or adults, to work for “abundance” as they walk: Look hard, pick up the messages in the cracks you’ve stepped over every single morning. Later you can choose among your riches for your poem” Naomi Shahib Nye writes. In this T&W archive article from 1997, Nye writes about her experience teaching in San Antonio where she and her students read poetry by Latinx poets closely, to inspire their writing processes, attentiveness to detail and their perceptions of their neighborhoods.

The Taste of Happiness

Teaching Students to Describe Emotions in Poetry FROM THE ARCHIVES: This article was originally published in Teachers & Writers Magazine, Winter 2009-2010. By Harriet Riley AS A FIRST-YEAR Writers in the Schools writer/teacher in Houston last fall, I have to admit I felt like I was entering an obstacle course blindfolded. Even though we had…

Teaching Poetry As a Part of Real Life 

FROM THE ARCHIVES: This article originally appeared in Teachers & Writers Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 4, page 7. by Naomi Shihab Nye  Genre: All  Grades: All  I became a poet partly because of poetry’s great mystery, and partly because of a second-grade teacher I had who believed poetry was at the center of the universe. I…

Visual Poems 

FROM THE ARCHIVE: This article originally appeared in Teachers & Writers Magazine on January 14, 2013 by Maya Pindyck  Like most people, before I learned to read and write, I taught myself to draw. How easy to pick up a crayon, a magic marker, or a pencil, and make something—anything—on the page (or on the living…

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