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Articles originally published in the print magazine, prior to July 2014

The Taste of Happiness

Teaching Students to Describe Emotions in Poetry FROM THE ARCHIVES: This article was originally published in Teachers & Writers Magazine, Winter 2009-2010. By Harriet Riley AS A FIRST-YEAR Writers in the Schools writer/teacher in Houston last fall, I have to admit I felt like I was entering an obstacle course blindfolded. Even though we had…

Teaching Poetry As a Part of Real Life 

FROM THE ARCHIVES: This article originally appeared in Teachers & Writers Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 4, page 7. by Naomi Shihab Nye  Genre: All  Grades: All  I became a poet partly because of poetry’s great mystery, and partly because of a second-grade teacher I had who believed poetry was at the center of the universe. I…

Visual Poems 

FROM THE ARCHIVE: This article originally appeared in Teachers & Writers Magazine on January 14, 2013 by Maya Pindyck  Like most people, before I learned to read and write, I taught myself to draw. How easy to pick up a crayon, a magic marker, or a pencil, and make something—anything—on the page (or on the living…

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