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How Did You Get Here: Richard Lewis’ Fifty Years of Teaching Children Poetry, And Being Taught By Them

by Robert Hirschfield     Picking at the             soil            grains     of my childhood            play    a little longer   Richard Lewis, 83, left his door open for me. It is on the fourth floor of a strange old office building in Astoria, Queens that houses three funeral parlors and a museum. Short,…

Sports Poems

by Erika Luckert We rarely think of sports as a subject for poetry, and yet, when I speak to devoted sports fans or athletes about their passions, they invariably wax poetic. I recently taught a residency at a middle school where one of the most impressive poems was written by an avid sports fan, Julio….

Teaching Across the Curriculum: Reflections on Combining Creative Writing with Science

During the 2011–2012 school year, Teachers & Writers Collaborative partnered with Children First Network 534—a Bronx-based grouping of 33 public schools—to provide twelve writing programs in eight middle schools in Queens and the Bronx. With generous support from the New York Community Trust’s “Beyond Teaching to the Test” initiative, T&W writers taught fiction, poetry, and…

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