Conversations with poets, novelists, nonfiction writers, and playwrights about their work and craft, as well as their thoughts on creative writing education.
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An Interview with Robert Creeley

This interview was originally published in 2001.  —Ed. DANIEL KANE: One of the things that surprised me in your book Life & Death was that in a number of your poems you used a relatively long line. Your work has, for many years now, been characterized by a short line featuring strong enjambment—this selection from…

Music and Memory: A Conversation with Julie Landsman

By Wynne Kontos Julie Landsman is a writer, a painter, and an educator who spent thirty years in the public school system and now dedicates her time to the elder population facing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Landsman’s Bechtel Prize–winning piece, “Words, Images and Music: How We Enter,” chronicles her life as both an educator and a…

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