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Paint a Picture With Words

 LESSON PLAN Maya Pindyck Genre(s) taught: Poetry Grade(s) taught: 1st grade Your students’ special needs (if any): Varied abilities in reading and writing. Two boys with “behavioral issues” who were usually working with a paraprofessional during the lesson but occasionally participated. Overall residency goal: to get students excited to write and read poetry; to spark…

From the Archives: The Art of Writing About Teaching

FROM THE ARCHIVE   Spreading the Word: The Art of Writing About Teaching by Mark Statman In this article, Mark Statman examines a variety of teaching texts.  He writes, “When I consider the art of writing about teaching, I have to acknowledge that the books that have influenced me most as a teacher have been those that have influenced me most as a writer….

I believe Personal Essay ~ Sarah Dohrmann

Download: Sarah Dohrmann “This I Belive” LP Genre(s) taught: argumentative writing, poetry, & personal essay writing Grade(s) taught: 9th & 10th Lesson Objective: Each student will write a scene from their life that will later serve as the “supporting evidence” of something they believe in; then they’ll write one sentence that simply states the belief that…

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