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Colorism by Krystal “I used to wish that I can wake up one day lighter or wash my face and think that it would change. I thought it was dirt and I tried to clean it off but it wouldn’t come off.” This is from a person that wasn’t comfortable in their own skin. In today’s society the youth are concerned about who’s…

Untitled (Be Yourself…)

Untitled (Be Yourself…)  by Brendaisa Be yourself, feed the dogs, clean the dishes, they say. But what they don’t understand is that I am myself. They don’t see nothing else, but my sister. Do the dishes fix the couch make up my bed clean the bathroom be quiet, stop the attitude you’re so rude. And when…

Frowning Faces & Empty Spaces

Frowning Faces & Empty Spaces by Dayvina On the gray stone wall, keeping me captive With faces unknown, lies an empty space Matching the feelings confned inside of me An empty space that should be flled with smiling faces And big warm brown eyes shining down on me Like stars in the night sky Yet,…

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