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Interview with Eve Ensler: What Are We Afraid Of

INTERVIEW by Matthew Burgess Eve Ensler is the Tony Award-winning playwright, activist, and author of the theatrical phenomenon The Vagina Monologues, which has been published in 48 languages and performed in more than 140 countries. Eve’s plays include Necessary Targets, TheTreatment, The Good Body, and Emotional Creature. Her books include Insecure At Last: A Political…

Logan Phillips & Spoken Futures

TEACHING ARTIST VOICE   Logan “Dirtyverbs” Phillips works to create new opportunities for the intersection of poetry and social justice in wider society. He is the author of Sonoran Strange (West End Press, 2015) and serves as coordinator of Spoken Futures Inc., a youth arts and advocacy organization based in Tucson, Arizona.    

The Poet Is In

EDUCATING THE IMAGINATION     Chessy Normile   Stepping onto a wooden box with a crumpled piece of paper in my hand, I was already laughing. We had gathered on that Sunday evening—the first Sunday of the month, as usual—under New York City’s Washington Square Arch to celebrate William Carlos Williams. I announced the poem’s…

ARTivism Links & Resources

  Here are some of our favorite ARTivism links and resources: Fine ARTivists: Banksy Tammam Azzam Shepard Fairy/Obey Giant Swoon aka Caledonia Dance Curry Space Invader  Mr. Brainwash  Ron English Ferguson Artists Respond Wrdsmth Basquiat Guerrilla Girls Jenny Holtzer Barbara Kruger Diego Rivera Isaac Cordal London Kaye Hip-Hop ARTivisits: Talib Kweli Lupe Fiasco Dead Prez…

Teachers & Writers Magazine

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