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Winter 2014-2015: ARTivism

Welcome to Teachers & Writers Magazine online! With this new version of the magazine, Teachers & Writers Collaborative (T&W) continues the conversation we began in 1967, when the first Teachers & Writers Collaborative Newsletter was published. In this latest iteration, our discussion of the work and joy of “educating the imagination” and teaching creative writing…

Valves, Salves, and Blueprints:
Poetry and Artivism

TEACHING ARTIST VOICE   Kamilah Aisha Moon     “What she had believed was indignation or rage or a deep intolerance for injustice came down to this: she was irreducibly in love with this bewitching planet, this thrilling life, this heartbreaking species she belonged to, with its capacity for stupefying destruction and breathtaking magnanimity.”                                                                                    …

Family Voices:
Empowering Families through Collaborative Writing

EXPLODED LESSON PLAN   For those who have been excluded from educational opportunities, a classroom can seem a forbidding place. Engaging entire families in school-based literacy projects not only supports student learning, but also strengthens the school community.  In this lesson, Janet Hurley, co-founder of Asheville Writers in the Schools and Community, describes tweaking the…

In The Classroom:
The Megaphonic Voice

EXPLODED LESSON PLAN   There is an intimate relationship between Artivism and the Manifesto—perhaps even an essential one. Here, Teachers & Writers Collaborative teaching artist Ibi Zoboi takes it one step further: in this Exploded Lesson Plan—filled with links to news stories, videos, lesson plans, primary sources, and more—she connects the manifesto to the teaching…

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