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My Name

My Name by Cajuan (2nd grade) I wrote my name on the sidewalk but the rain washed it away I wrote my name on my sink but the soap washed it away I wrote my name on a card I gave it to my mother and there it will stay now 1992 An African Trail…

Playwriting: Dialogue

LESSON PLAN T&W teaching artist Frank Ingrasciotta invites students to explore their emotions in this playwriting lesson on dialogue and delivery. Students work literally from the outside in, first identifying the format of dialogue as it appears on the page, and then considering how what the character speaking feels inside can dictate the dialogue’s expression….

Poetry Out Loud: Poems Speak

POETRY OUT LOUD: FROM THE INSIDE This year will mark my first experience with Poetry Out Loud. My name is Morgan Gaetano, and I am a high school sophomore at Newburgh Free Academy in New York who has been writing for about five years. Writing was always something I wanted to do; I love watching…

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