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Pen in Hand

By Libby Cudmore I make my living as a writer. On any given day, I might put 1,500 words in a novel before most people have even had their first cup of coffee; followed by a full day of interviews and articles for The Freeman’s Journal/Hometown Oneonta newspapers in Cooperstown, New York; only to come…

I Eat The Wind

I Eat The Wind by Jolany (2nd grade)     2017 My Favorite Word is Love Sheridan Academy of Young Leaders, PS 457X, Bronx, NY Alba Hernandez & Samantha LaCoco,  writers‐in‐residence    

The Lonely Mountain V: Letter Poems

The Lonely Mountain V by Nadia (6th grade) The lonely mountain stands there All she wants is a companion She dreams of having a little mountain by her side She says, “Come over, little mountain!” The lonely mountain feels upside down The lonely mountain stands there Waiting   Who Are You, Letter U?  by Tiffany…

The Spirit of Yes: On Collaborating

By Yusef Komunyakaa I’ve often said that the ideal collaboration is a dialogue and negotiation, but one must also underscore this: a fruitful working together embodies cooperation and freedom. In fact, the single most important tool in process is freedom; but it resides outside the realm of a happening. For me, and I hope I’m also…

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