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Figurative Writing: A Lesson on Alliteration

By Laura Campbell-Lui Laura Campbell-Lui teaches for the New York City Department of Education, teaching students who have been identified to receive remedial support. In this lesson plan, she introduces fifth-graders to alliteration. This lesson plan is designed for struggling students, but it can be adapted and made more complex. For example, it might be…

50th Stories: On Gratitude

By Nicole Callihan I was twenty-two, and I was finally in New York City. I remember walking up Broadway and smiling at people: the deli guy arranging roses in green buckets, the line cook taking a smoke on his lunchbreak, a young woman with a bun and legwarmers, clearly rushing to rehearse Swan Lake, the…

Who Are You, Scared O?

Who Are You, Scared O? By Elisia Z. A small little orange guy With a green stick Shaking, shaking, full of fear. Why little guy, why are you shaking, shaking? The thankful Thanksgiving day is coming, coming, coming. You should be happy with joy, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing. That’s what you should be. Answer, answer, answer me….

Prompts for Figurative Writing

By Laura Campbell-Lui I am a reading specialist with the New York City Department of Education. My students are designated as at risk before they are assigned to me. The students I work with the most have issues such as limited phonemic awareness and/or phonics acquisition, limited vocabularies, learning disabilities, or visual impairments. Some are…

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