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Welcome to Personification!

By Joanna Fuhrman In this lesson, T&W teaching artist Joanna Fuhrman teaches students about creating poetry that imagines emotions as characters with human traits.  Genre(s) taught: Poetry  Grade(s) taught: 3rd  Download: Welcome to Personification!  Common Core State Standards (Refer to the ELA Standards > Reading: Literature > Grade 3): CCSS ELA-Literacy.RL.3.4: Determine the meaning of words…

This Period of Necessary Creative Plagiarism: A Roundtable on Plagiarism and Intertextuality

In September 2017, The Guardian published an article about poet Ira Lightman’s crusade—some call it a witch hunt—to identify and publicize plagiarism in poetry. As The Guardian profiled Lightman, the “poetry sleuth,” they also revealed his findings: poets Lightman has accused of plagiarism based on the patterns he uncovers. One of the accused, Sheree Mack,…

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