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Our Stories, Our Working Lives

Marsha Gildin and Robin Bady Writers-in-Residence, Spring 2019 Introduction Teaching artists Marsha Gildin and Robin Bady led a workshop at the Selfhelp Innovative Senior Center in Flushing, New York. The workshop focused on the theme “our working lives.” Participants learned storytelling techniques as they shared their stories with each other and at a culminating celebration….

In Your Own Words

Alicia Anabel Santos & Jonathan Hernandez Writer-in-Residence, Spring 2019 Introduction When considering a name for our program and the anthology, we thought about something catchy – something that might stick and, hopefully, be embraced by the students. As we brainstormed, we went through a list of phrases and terms. “In your own words” is a…

Finding Freedom: An Everyday Mood

Amina HenryWriter-in-Residence, Spring 2019 Introduction  It’s been a pleasure to work with students at John Jay High School of Law. For this residency we had a thematic focus on oppression and liberation, exploring the voices of those who have been oppressed while also exploring spaces of liberation. We read and discussed the exhilarating and thought-provoking…

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