I Am and the Wish

I Am
by Marguerite (2nd grade)

I am the flower below your feet above the grass.
I am the cloud in the sky over the sun.
I am the pencil in your hand writing.
I am the pie in the window of the bakery.
I am the star that shines in the sky
and watches you go to sleep every night.
I can see, I can feel
all with just my mind.
I am the laughter in you.
I am the hope in you.
I am the love in you.


51M, Manhattan, NY
Matthew Burgess,  writer‐in‐residence


I Wish A World Upon A Star
by Chamari (4th grade)

I wish a world upon a star,
Where there will be no homeless people.
People will no longer starve.
All people will care for one another.

I dream a world with my wish.
I wish the elderly will be treated as gently as a newborn baby.
Love would be spread from soul to soul,
And all the world would be blessed with kindness.

I dream a world where every night as I slumber
People would be as sweet as birds,
Donating would become a hobby,
And tears of joy would be heard.

I dream a world where joy would be treasured.
It would be worth more than a nugget of gold.
Everybody would be treated equally.
Of such a world, I dream.


Island in the Moonlight
153x, The Helen Keller School, Bronx, NY
Linda Morel,  writer‐in‐residence


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