Jazz Poems

Jazz Poems
Written in response to listening to “Milestone” by Miles Davis


by Ashley
(4th grade)

Penguins bopping up and down
quacking like crazy because they can’t stop

Bright orange floating all around
Full of color, full of life

Summer coming, full of fun
Life, life, life, it’s all quite crazy
People soar… on a roller coaster

Grass sways in the wind

A rectangle that’s never satisfied
drawn again many times

It’s all in the music


by Lelaina
(4th grade)

Here that jazzy music?
That Frog Princess music?
Mexican Bollywood music?
Is it your dad’s clarinet music?

Bump, Bump, Bump!
Jazzy, bumpy notes of music!
la, la, la, la
rappy, fast music

What is the music to you?
Listen to that music flow
It’s first high, then low
high, fast, lower, slower and DONE


by Rosalie
(3rd grade)

This is happy, fun, fun, fun
This song is fast, run, run, run

It’s exciting, yay, yay, yay
It’s like water, up, down, up

A person’s playing the trumpet, toot, toot, toot
A person’s playing the drums, beat, beat, beat

This is happy, fun, fun, fun
This song is fast, run, run, run


PS 188 Kingsbury, Queens, NY
Amina Henry, writer‐in‐residence


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