Literary Crossword, December Edition


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    1  Writing technique hinting at future events

    8  “The Chronicles of Narnia” author

    9  2018 Teacher of the Year, Mandy ____

  10  Put into words

  13  Holy chalice of legend

  14  Connect to

  15  Shakespearean title character

  17  Form or version in which a text is published

  20  Suffix for many languages

  21  Jardin ___ Tuileries (Paris landmark)

  22  Modernist poet, first name

  23  “Fools ___ where angels fear to tread,” Alexander Pope – 2 words

  25  Cirque du Soleil show title based on an ancient Egyptian spiritual belief

  26  Descriptive work dealing with rustic life or pastoral scenes

  29  The hero of “Slumdog Millionaire”

  33  Roman 51

  34  “Aladdin” prince

  36  Mexican currency

  37  Running over of a sentence from one verse or couplet into another

  38  Plasma/flat screen


    1  Writer of “The Pillars of the Earth”

    2  Unvarnished

    3  Key element in thrillers

    4  Purpose

    5  Have copyright on, e.g.

    6  The sincerest form of flattery, according to Oscar Wilde

    7  Russian writer of “Dead Souls”

  11  Louis ___, French king

  12  Beatrice Potter’s rabbit

  13  Best selling author of legal thrillers

  16  Dos Passos trilogy title

  17  College website address ending

  18  Escritoire, for one

  19  “Pale Fire” author

  22  First name of the writer of “Nana”

  24  Extravagantly showy

  27  “Gunga ___” Kipling poem

  28  “Lord ___,” Joseph Conrad novel

  30  Appropriate

  31  John ___ Carré

  32  Ending for novel?

  35  Weight measurement, abbr.


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