Literary Crossword

January Edition

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    1  Technique that makes a reader turn the page

    5  Jane Austen protagonist

    8  Three-way

    9  Humorous verse form

  10  First name of the author of “Black Beauty”

  11  First name of the famous writer who penned “The Kingdom of God is Within You”

  12  Lamb and Bacon, e.g.

  18  Dragon’s home

  19  Odd and comical, like some characters

  21  Queen in “Romeo and Juliet”

  23  Sci-Fi novel

  25  Jason’s ship

  26  Scott’s “___ Roy”

  27  First name of the author of “The Corrections”

  30  Expert adviser

  31  Kind of herring a mystery writer might mislead with

  33  “What light through ___ window breaks” Romeo and Juliet line

  34  Lot of excitement and enthusiasm


    1  Hamlet gave a famous one

    2  Stand for

    3  Like a King novel

    4  Children’s novel that became the name of a presidential cat

    5  Victorian or Georgian

    6  Ruler of Crete in Homer’s “Odyssey”

    7  Author of “Watership Down,” Richard

  13  ___-fi (Heinlein genre)

  14  Nabokov title character

  15  Shout

  16  Trendy

  17  Drink with jam and bread

  20  “Lord Jim” author

  21  Columbian writer who wrote “One Hundred Years of Solitude”

  22  Old English epic

  23  Raison ___

  24  Bigger than an era

  27  “Ode to __” Friedrich Schiller

  28  Narrator of a Chaucer tale

  29  The other woman

  32  “Et __, Brute”

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