Literary Crossword

May Edition

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1 Vital quality in a novelist
9 First name of a Russian literary giant
10 Marvel comic character who assumes the mantle of the White Tiger, Ayala
11 She had “the face that launched a thousand ships”
12 Graham Green’s “The of the Matter”
13 “In the beginning”…book
14 Picture
16 Deep-six
17 Facial cover in a Dumas novel, 2 words
19 Jazz King
20 Oprah’s network that promotes her book club
21 “Brave New World,” e.g.
23 Napoleon in “Animal Farm”
25 Listen, in Spanish
27 “Anna Karenina” character, first name
28 Heathcliff’s creator
29 Big Bird had a big one
30 Winnie the Pooh’s closest friend
31 He wrote great westerns, L’Amour

1 British writer who wrote “Never Let Me Go”- Time’s 2005 Best Novel of the Year
2 Poet and writer who was a leading figure in the Beat Generation, 2 words
3 ‘My word!’
4 “Rhinoceros” playwright
5 Comrade of d’Artagnan
6 They’re used to stress
7 Satirical writer of “The Nix,” Hill
8 Harold Robbins’ bestseller, with The
15 Construct
18 Writer of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” Haddon
22 Central idea
23 It’s mightier than the sword
24 Amusingly extreme
25 Not written down but passed on by word of mouth
26 Beatle bride
28 Hamlet’s favorite verb

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