Moonlight Glow to Rainbow Hope

Diamond Girl
by Kalani (3rd grade)

I am a diamond girl.
I love it when I shine.
Inside of me, there are crystals.
I dream of being a star.
I fear being shattered.
At night, I glow in the moonlight.
Will you glow with me?

I Am Summer Love
by Richna (3rd grade)

I am from a big, colorful hospital room, where I was born,
Bees buzzing in the summer,
And a dark nighttime with stars.

I am from hot, sizzling steak,
Hot tea, hot marshmallow chocolate in winter time,
Which I eat and drink.

I am from my dad, Richard,
My grandparents, Christiana and Kwabena,
And my mom, Ama.

I am from Bruno Mars and Baby Kaely,
With wonderful music to listen to
When I am bored.

I am from sunflowers, tulips,
And going to the beach to relax
And feeling excellent.

I am from dancing and singing
To hip-hop music
And Ghanaian music.

Broken Hearts to Rainbow Hope
by Janelle (3rd grade)

Broken is the word of devastation,
Disappointment and lakes of tears,
Like a puddle someone steps into
And splashes away.
Or is it the word for reconstruction
And hearts flowing with warmth?

Like a desired toy broken and rebuilt again.
Or is all hope lost, then justice reborn,
Like rain pouring until it consumes the earth.
Then, the blazing sun, bright as a smile,
Glistens above all.

Until it creates a rainbow
With the greatest power of all.
It heals broken things,
Broken hearts, or broken hope,
Like a Band-Aid that
Wraps around the broken.

Are broken things frustration?
Or are they reconstruction,
Giving you hope?

A Fire Breathing Fantasy
The Helen Keller School, Bronx, NY
Linda Morel,  writer‐in‐residence