Joseph Anthony was a participant in T&W’s visual arts workshop at the SAGE-GRIOT Innovative Senior Center in Brooklyn

Joseph Anthony was a participant in T&W’s visual arts workshop at the SAGE-GRIOT Innovative Senior Center in Brooklyn. In addition to creating and artist book during the workshop, Joey is a poet. Teachers & Writers Magazine is pleased to share some of his poems with our readers.

A Rose

Roses are the most precious flower
It poses in many different colors
As the petals start to fall, I try to collect them all
I select a couple of petals, to bathe in for calmness, and I don’t want to cry myself to sleep

And when I awake, I leap into happiness
Cause in there are chances we have to take
My body starts to shake, thinking if I am making a mistake

So whenever you get a rose, you must cherish it with your heart

Lay Me Down to Dream

Now I lay me down to sleep
And if I should never wake
That’s a chance I have to take
In my dreams, this special place

So let my eyes close for time
In my dreams I hear the chimes
While I sleep I cause no crime
I keep my pain and graime in my soul, but I hold no anger
Towards others
It’s been told you should go forwards, not backwards

Tell you this, I am living another man’s dream
And when I wake up the stream of light I will follow
Let life be bright, without no sorrow

An Open Heart

Open your heart, and close your eyes
See what I see, and feel the breeze as it teases your emotions
It’s like drinking a love potion
One sip and you fall in a trance of love

However, if you were a white dove you would be flying to
France where you don’t need no love potion to love
I want to feel the eagerness I have – love
I show no bitterness that holds
If I keep them inside for so long, then my passion will gw old

Open your heart and close your eyes
See what I see, as time goes by

A Poem for the Past

To friend I knew and passed,
She will now enter a new world.
A domain of no misery or wars.
Full of peace is her pure heart
Goes without any type of regrets.

However, the sweetness and careness
Will never leave us. In time life catches
on to each and every one of us. And
when it does happen we would have
to understand that in life we must apply
on what “GOD” give us.

So give us day, our daily grace
and let us not into redemption.
Let the tears flow with the care that
you have before you lose it.


Please forgive me, I tried so hard to understand
Yet, I still don’t
In time I would be used to what’s going on
I could tell that my life is not easy to handle
So I light some candles and say my prayer

As I kneel down on my knees, there is a light that shines bright upon me
I set myself free so that I can repent from all my sins
And soon I would need my next of kin
So please forgive me

Photo credit: Unsplash


Born disabled and raised in the Hispanic heritage, Joseph Anthony was raised by a strong grandmother who taught him that if he is always strong and positive, he can achieve everything he wants. Sharing his gift is what he wants to do.