Secret Self-Portraits


by Jaritza M
(6th Grade)

My Self-Portrait

I’m 11 years old
and I wear glasses
I’m in the sixth grade
Sometimes I could be crazy
and loud at the same time.
My hair is dark brown.

by Jaritza M
(6th Grade)

My Secret Self-Portrait

I’m afraid of losing
my family and my
sisters who I love
so much. I want
to have a future that
is flled with fun.
I wish that one day
I will become a
lawyer or a singer.
I wonder why this world
is like how it is, with killers.


by Leadiimon E.
(6th grade)


I’m like a tornado carnival. You can
see me from down the street.
I’m talkative, I can talk for
hours. I am a mountain, you
could never break me, you can
hurt me, but you will never break

by Leadiimon E.
(6th grade)

Secret Self-Portrait

I wish that I could be in the
world by myself and with
the people that I love.
I want to learn how to
defend myself.
I wonder why some people
act so cruel to make them
feel better about themselves.


I Turned Myself Into A Poet And I Was A Poet
722K New Heights Middle School, Brooklyn, NY
Edited by Sarah Dohrmann, writer‐in‐residence

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