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Language and War: A Unit Plan for English Class

by Tim Myers Editors note: This article was originally published in Teachers & Writers Magazine 1997. Can adolescents learn anything profound about the intricate and powerful relationship between language and war? In a century haunted by phrases such as “acceptable losses” and “mutually assured destruction,” can we as teachers help guide our students to some…

Avoiding Plagiarism: The Melania Trump Speech

By Erika Luckert This lesson from T&W teaching artist Erika Luckert helps students understand the importance of acknowledging and citing sources, and gives them an opportunity to practice revising to avoid plagiarism. Grade(s): 9–12 Genre: Nonfiction, Essay Download: Avoiding Plagiarism: The Melania Trump Speech  Common Core Standards (Refer to ELA Standards > Writing > Grade…

Creating an Inclusive Classroom for Transgender Students:
Lessons from the Corporate and Nonprofit World

By Nicole Giannone Nicole Giannone shares their personal experience with training others in LGBTQ competency in the workplace. With a specific focus on Transgender and Gender Non-Confirming issues, much of the information that Nicole provides can also serve as actionable guidance for classroom teachers looking to create a safe and welcoming learning environment for all…

How (Not) To Teach Gender

By Jude Dry I am nine years old and about to audition for Tom Sawyer.  I’m at a semi-professional children’s theater in Palo Alto, California, where my family is living for the year as part of my father’s sabbatical. There are two lines: boys and girls. Tom and Becky. I’m preparing to read for Tom….

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