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Exploring Writing through Comics

By Jason DeHart In my experience as a middle school teacher, I often found that some students were hesitant to engage with the written page, either as readers or writers. On the other hand, colorful characters and even segments from popular superhero movies were almost always uniquely engaging for students. Comic books and heroic characters…

4 Ways of Looking at a Mentor Text: Incidental Comics

by Tricia Ebarvia This article was originally published at movingwriters.org. The school year is winding down—and I find myself thinking more and more of warm poolside days—yet everywhere I turn, rich mentor texts seem to come my way. I’ll find something and think, “Oh, that would have been perfect to use with ____” or “That would have…

Graphic Novel Workshop with Aspen Words 

STUDENT WRITING In the summer of 2015 Tim Fielder joined Aspen Words to teach a week-long Graphic Novel workshop to high school students from the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado.  The workshop explored fundamental concepts such as storyboarding, a study of “camera” angles, evaluation of dramatic structure, and an analysis of model graphic texts. Here…

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