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Writing Our Names

by Madison Stuart Teachers are keepers of names. Some corner of my brain is cluttered with Alexanders and Amanis and Keanus and Kylies. That first day of school, working down the roster, teachers wield a great appellative power; how many Pomaikaimaikekukunaokalamekahos who go by Po, Zhijias who go by Roy, Shar’lynnruths who go by Shari?…

Tribute to Dick Gallup (1941-2021)

photo credit: Poetry Society of America (on the right: Dick Gallup, 1961) Teachers & Writers Collaborative honors the work of poet Dick Gallup, who taught with T&W in the early 1970s.   Ron Padgett writes in honor of his friend: “American poet Dick Gallup, once described as a kinder, gentler version of French poet Arthur Rimbaud,…

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