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Exploring the Iroquois

Exploring the Iroquois is a collection of creative writing work written by the 4th-grade students of P.S. 677. All of the work here sprung from our investigative learning about the Native American tribe known as the Iroquois. Once local to the New York region, the Iroquois are a central part of the 4th grade curriculum,…

Old Mysterious Street

I was honored to be invited to P.S. 90K to teach a revolutionary idea to third grade students—combining nonfiction writing with research skills! I immediately decided to make Researching Your Way Into Creative Writing the program’s theme. During the 22 workshops in this program, I wanted to show students the limitless places where research material…

Science Poetry

LESSON PLAN  Elizabeth Gold, a master of combining skills as a writer, editor, producer, and T&W teaching artist, helps students do some combining of their own as poets and scientific researchers.  In this introductory lesson, Gold meets a class in the midst of individual research projects and demonstrates how to creatively organize and present scientific…

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