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The Stories We Save May Include Our Own

Content warning: this article contains references to suicide, death and depression. An earlier version of this essay originally appeared in Iron City Magazine.  photo credit for the featured image: Alvin Shim by Matt Malyon I. BirdwatchingLate night on Watson Bridge—a span across the Skagit River in Northern Washington—a trumpeter swan flies into a light pole….

Where I’m From: The Musical

Where I’m From: The Musical is an original book and lyrics and written by The Visionaries during a dramatic musical workshop held in the spring of 2018. The workshop took place at VISIONS at Selis Manor, a nonprofit rehabilitation and social service organization for the blind and visually impaired in New York. The participants listened…

The Crumpled Paper Exercise: Collaborative Storytelling

by Alice Pencavel T&W teaching artist Alice Pencavel’s crumpled paper exercise engages students with the process of collaborative storytelling. The lesson enables students to harness a greater aptitude for spontaneity and deepens their understanding of story structuring. Grades: 6th and up Materials/Set Up: One writing utensil and sheet of paper per student. Desks should be…

Completing the Character Puzzle with Vignettes

by Jennie Weng  Character analysis is an important skill for writers to learn. However, too often students label characters with one-dimensional terms (e.g., good, bad, funny, evil, protagonist, antagonist).  Well-crafted characters are a lot like real people; they are complex. If students can understand this integral component of character analysis, they will not only be…

Interview with Patricia Smith: The Poet as Storyteller

An Interview with Patricia Smith by Christian McEwen In 2015, Bauhan Publishing published Sparks from the Anvil: the Smith College Poetry Interviews, a collection of interviews with superb contemporary poets by writer and teaching artist Christian McEwen. Teachers & Writers Magazine has been publishing highlights from this impressive book. Here, McEwen and Patricia Smith talk…

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