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TEACHING ARTIST VOICE    By Barbara Feinberg   Story Shop, my creative writing program for kids, meets in a comfortable room in an old church in a small suburb in Westchester County, just north of New York City, and has been going strong for over twenty years. My longest-running workshop during that time is made…


Each girl in Story Shop’s Tuesday group—which has been together for over four years now—is working on a unique project of her own choosing and design. Some kids write a different story or vignette or build a new sculpture each week; some have been working on the same project over the course of the year,…

Family Voices:
Empowering Families through Collaborative Writing

EXPLODED LESSON PLAN   For those who have been excluded from educational opportunities, a classroom can seem a forbidding place. Engaging entire families in school-based literacy projects not only supports student learning, but also strengthens the school community.  In this lesson, Janet Hurley, co-founder of Asheville Writers in the Schools and Community, describes tweaking the…

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