The Lonely Mountain V: Letter Poems

The Lonely Mountain V
by Nadia (6th grade)

The lonely mountain stands there
All she wants is a companion
She dreams of having a little mountain by her side
She says, “Come over, little mountain!”
The lonely mountain feels upside down
The lonely mountain stands there


Who Are You, Letter U? 
by Tiffany (6th grade)

Who are you, letter U?
Perhaps part of a roller coaster?
Oh the joyous, frightful screams
of your riders
All you want is peace
Nostalgic for when you were
a scrap of metal
No yells or screams


Who Are you, Q?
by Joyslyn (6th grade)

A bomb, pressed against the bag of a
soldier, running in fire
A portal, a brave one starts to step in
A bowl of rice, with a trusty spoon by your side
A pool, with a high diving board
An onion ring from Burger King
Until we meet again, Q!
You don’t know me, I don’t know you!


Sky Clouds Make a Picture
The Louis Armstrong Middle School, Q227 Bronx, NY
Amina Henry,  writer‐in‐residence


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