The Music of My Life

The Music of My Life
by Josephine W. (4th grade)

Sometimes I hear
the pitter patter of rain
the sad days of rain
end with a sigh

In the spring I hear
the sweet giggling of children
the happy day of sunshine
ends with a sleepy snore

In the summer, I hear
the rustle of children playing behind the bush
the hot days
end with a fizz of lemonade

In the fall, I hear
the crunch of leaves
the chilly days
end in peace

in the winter, I hear
the jingling of bells
the children sing jolly songs
and people crowd around to listen

I love to hear
the song of the wind
as it rustles through trees
and leaves while dying


 PS 188Q The Kingsbury School
Amina Henry, writer‐in‐residence


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