The World Had Gone Mad

A Year Without Rain
by Brianna (11th grade)

The year.
The worst year in living memory.
Nothing happened at its proper time.
It seemed as if the world had gone mad.
The first rains were late.
The blazing sun returned, more fierce than it had ever been.
The earth burned like hot coals.
When the rain dried up the heat returned.
We watched the sky all day for signs of rain clouds.
And tried to protect them from the smoldering earth.
They prayed the rain might fall in the night.
But the drought continued.
I survived that year.
I shall survive anything.
Do not despair.
Will not despair.
A proud heart can survive.
A proud heart will survive.
A proud heart did survive.
We survived.


by Justice (11th grade)

Always dark on the inside
But not on the outside
No one knew
No one knew what went on
But I still call it home.

Broken lights and broken walls
Nothing could illuminate the halls
It was my dream
But also my nightmare
But I still call it home.

The water never stopped
The ceiling always fell in
All long gone
Burst into flames
As I came back
I still call it home.

Shattered and broken
Tattered and destroyed
Who could call it home anymore
I call it home.


Exploring the Pocket Universe
The School of Law and Finance, X284 Bronx, NY
Jane LeCroy,  writer‐in‐residence


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