Volume 36, Issue 5, May – Jun. 2005

From the archive.

Before transitioning to an online publication in 2015, Teachers & Writers Magazine was published in print. Since its first iteration as a newsletter in 1967, the magazine has shared innumerable resources with those teaching the art of creative writing. These print resources are now available at our online archive.


Table of Contents

Fur on the Whale: A Creative Approach to Workshop Etiquette by Leslie Woodard

The Literary Anatomy: Reviving the Research Essay: The Muse of Footnotes by Charlotte Pence

Illuminations: Great Writers on Writing: Vladimir Nabokov

The Critic as Artist: A Conversation with Critic and Educator Johanna Keller by Christina Davis

Passwords: Teaching Wallace Stevens: The Circle in the Square by Zev Levinson

Teachers & Writers Magazine is published by Teachers & Writers Collaborative as a resource for teaching the art of writing to people of all ages. The online magazine presents a wide range of ideas and approaches, as well as lively explorations of T&W’s mission to celebrate the imagination and create greater equity in and through the literary arts.