Volume 45, Issue 4, Summer 2014

From the archive.

Before transitioning to an online publication in 2015, Teachers & Writers Magazine was published in print. Since it’s first iteration as a newsletter in 1967, the magazine has shared inumerable resources with those teaching the art of creative writing. These print resources are now available at our online archive.

Revising Rejection: Poetry and Life Lessons from a 19th-Century Japanese Poet by Caron Levis

Stand Very Still and Hold Out Your Hands: Instructions for Approaching an Untamed Poem by Lisa Suhair Majaj

Image to Word: An Abecedarian List of Games and Experiments by Johanna Fuhrman

Reflection Writing: Helping Student Writers Access Their Inner Lives to Enrich Their Writing by Jeffrey Pflaum

Poetry In All of Us: City College of New York’s Poetry Outreach Program by Karen Clark and Gregory Crosby

Prancing Poetry: Teach Emily Dickinson in Elementary School by Phyllis Meshulam

Writing Silver Sentences: Using Poetry to Make Compare-and-Contrast Essays Come Alive by Linda Morel

Teachers & Writers Magazine is published by Teachers & Writers Collaborative as a resource for teaching the art of writing to people of all ages. The online magazine presents a wide range of ideas and approaches, as well as lively explorations of T&W’s mission to celebrate the imagination and create greater equity in and through the literary arts.