Where I’m From: The Musical

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Where I’m From: The Musical is an original book and lyrics and written by The Visionaries during a dramatic musical workshop held in the spring of 2018. The workshop took place at VISIONS at Selis Manor, a nonprofit rehabilitation and social service organization for the blind and visually impaired in New York. The participants listened to and read classic and contemporary musical books and lyrics from a variety of composers. The Visionaries then wrote original poems and songs inspired by the listening selections. And then the workshop created a collaborative script written and produced by all the participants, naming themselves The Visionaries. The musical was performed at an event in the Spring for a live audience.

The workshop was led by artists-in-Rresidence, Dave Johnson and T. Scott Lilly with the special assistance of sound man and musician, Peter Spagnuolo, and teaching assistants, Napoleon Felipe and Bruce Kirkland.

We would like to send a special thanks to the entire staff at Visions, especially Ms. Lee, Ms. Lewy, Ms. DeShazo, and Mr. Thompson (for printing all our work every week in Braille). We enjoyed every minute! We hope you will enjoy reading and singing our original musical, Where I’m From!

Teaching Artists: Dave Johnson & T. Scott Lilly

The Visionaries – The Writers & Singers
Carmen Becker, Janet Seth, Hasheem Kirkland, Liz Hernandez, Yvonne Whitehurst, Teresa Castellano, John Diorio, Lyda Schoenfeld, Meghan Rafferty, Debra Zanca, Winston Watson (Ras), Donna Madnick, Mary Connor, Donna Hedges.


Listen to the musical by clicking on the link above!

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