Who Are You, Scared O?

Who Are You, Scared O?
By Elisia Z.

A small little orange guy
With a green stick
Shaking, shaking, full of fear.
Why little guy, why
are you shaking, shaking?
The thankful Thanksgiving day
is coming, coming, coming.
You should be happy with joy,
bouncing, bouncing, bouncing.
That’s what you should be.
Answer, answer, answer me.

“Like you just said,” said the guy.
“Thanksgiving is coming,
coming, coming, coming.
Humans like you eat
apple pie, pumpkin pie, corn,
mashed potatoes, mac and cheese,
and chicken.
You will need me
to make one of that.
But I don’t want
to die.
I want to live,
live, live, LIVE!!!
But why?
Why do they kill my kind?
Please, please,
protect me please.”
Ok, ok
I will protect you
Since you are


The Unmarvelous Marvelous, The Perfect Absurd: I Spy Poetry
PS188, Queens, NY
Amina Henry,  writer‐in‐residence


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