Joanna Fuhrmann

  • The Goldilocks Method

    Linda Bierds and the pedagogy of generous attention.

  • Jayne Cortez and the Joyful Anti-Ode

    Jayne Cortez's poem "These New York City Pigeons" inspires student poetry.

  • The Map as Metaphor

    Poetic Cartographies in the Virtual Classroom

  • Joy

    by Joshua (4th grade)

  • Welcome to Personification!

    A lesson for creating poetry that imagines emotions as characters with human traits. 

  • Image to Word

    An abecedarian list of poetry games and experiments.

  • Everybody Dreams

    Writing list poems on the dreamlife of others, objects, and ourselves.

  • Inside Poems

    A poetry lesson exploring Lorca, Simic, and Apollinaire.