The Taste of Happiness

Teaching Students to Describe Emotions in Poetry FROM THE ARCHIVES: This article was originally published in Teachers & Writers Magazine, Winter 2009-2010. By Harriet Riley AS A FIRST-YEAR Writers in the Schools writer/teacher in Houston last fall, I have to admit I felt like I was entering an obstacle course blindfolded. Even though we had…

Questions Without Answers

By Christian McEwen One summer, I taught a poetry workshop at the Edinburgh Book Festival, working with a mixed group of seven-to-thirteen-year-olds. The classes were held in an open tent with two long trestle tables and a scatter of folding chairs, and our theme was “Questions Without Answers.” I told the children about my brother…

2020 Bechtel Prize

For an Innovative Creative Writing Classroom Project The submission deadline for the 2020 Bechtel Prize has been extended to January 31, 2020! Teachers & Writers Collaborative is now accepting submissions for the 2020 Bechtel Prize in support of literary arts education. In keeping with the tradition of the award but with an updated focus, this…

The Decline of Daring

by Marvin Hoffman Marvin Hoffman was an early Director of Teachers & Writers Collaborative, from 1969-71. The photos included here were originally published in Teachers & Writers Magazine volume 4, issues 1 & 2, 1971.                     Wisdom is an automatic by-product of age. At least that’s what most people believe, but my experience suggests otherwise….

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