Educating the Imagination

What do we need our imaginations for?

Teachers & Writers Collaborative seeks to educate the imagination by offering innovative creative writing programs for students and teachers, and by providing a variety of publications and resources to support learning through the literary arts. —T&W

In spring 1995, author, activist, and T&W co-founder Grace Paley spoke at a T&W “Educating the Imagination” event that inaugurated the organization’s Center for Imaginative Writing. Here’s how Paley saw the T&W mission.

“What do we need our imaginations for?

“First of all, we need our imaginations to imagine what is happening to other people around us, to try to understand the lives of other people. I know there’s a certain political view that you mustn’t write about anyone except yourself, your own exact people. Of course it’s very hard for anyone to know who their exact people are, anyway. But it’s very limiting. The idea of writing from the heads or from the view or the experience of other people, of another people, of another life, or even of just the people across the street or next door, is probably one of the most important acts of the imagination that you can have and that can be useful to the world.”

Grace Paley, nls, cc--SMALL

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