Life, Death, and Twine

Writer Suzy Rigdon shares how using technology as part of storytelling “presents a radical shift in thinking about how language can tell a story.” Students use a program called Twine and find new possibilities to writing non-linear or multi-linear pieces.

Literary Crossword, May Edition

    Click here to print crossword   Across1 Vital quality in a novelist9 First name of a Russian literary giant10 Marvel comic character who assumes the mantle of the White Tiger, Ayala11 She had “the face that launched a thousand ships”12 Graham Green’s “The of the Matter”13 “In the beginning”…book14 Picture16 Deep-six17 Facial cover…

Literary Crossword, January Edition

Click here to print crossword and clues     1  Technique that makes a reader turn the page     5  Jane Austen protagonist     8  Three-way     9  Humorous verse form   10  First name of the author of “Black Beauty”   11  First name of the famous writer who penned “The Kingdom of God is Within…

Literary Crossword, December Edition

  Click here to print crossword and clues Across     1  Writing technique hinting at future events     8  “The Chronicles of Narnia” author     9  2018 Teacher of the Year, Mandy ____   10  Put into words   13  Holy chalice of legend   14  Connect to   15  Shakespearean title character   17 …

Spring 2015

After a long, cold, and snowy winter, we are delighted to be sending the Spring issue of Teachers & Writers Magazine—the second in our new online format. We are gratified by the overwhelmingly positive response to the Winter issue, and to our weekly postings to the magazine website. To be sure you receive notifications of…

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