by Natalya (6th grade)

Mother’s Day
by Natalya (6th grade)

My mirror in the morning
My star at night
You shine so bright
You give me light
You show me what is
Wrong from right
I hope you enjoy being in love
You fly like a dove
This is all I have to say
Happy Mother’s Day

The Moon Came Out To Play
New Heights Middle School, 722, Brooklyn, NY
Ilka Skobie,  writer‐in‐residence

The Best Meal Yet
by Edwin (6th grade)

Sometimes I tried to make that meal
For him. I added all the ingredients
That mother used. I tried to make
It perfect, but nothing was quite
Right. Although the smell and color
Was very strange, I hope he’ll
Be amazed.

Sometimes I tried to make that meal
For him, but my way. I added
Anything that smelled and tasted good,
But nothing was quite as good as
Mother. He wouldn’t say much when
We ate, but his smile and his
Face knew that this was the best
Meal yet.

How I Want It To Be Said
Kappa, 215, Bronx, NY
Candice Iloh,  writer‐in‐residence

Daughter To Mother
by Tasia (11th grade)

I see you struggle day by day
Trying to make a living off a
9 to 5, I wish I could tell you
To go on vacation and take a break
Sometimes I see your sweat turn into
Tears on your rainiest days, years later
Something takes you over it makes your
Hair fall out and makes you weak, the pain
Is… Unbearable and it’s hard to speak
Every other day a needle pushing Chemo into her,
Her chest… Hope you last forever and that
Evil thing inside of you disappears into the
Air so you can be free and live again…

Exploring the Pocket Universe
The School of Law and Finance, 284 Bronx, NY
Jane LeCroy,  writer‐in‐residence

Jane LeCroy works as a poetry teacher in New York City schools through Teachers & Writers, and also teaches at a home school collective, and as an adjunct  professor at Eugene Lang College. She is a singer/poet who records, performs regularly and tours with her main project, the avant-garde TRANSMITTING. You can find out more about her and her work at