Ode to Winter

Poems from Pen to Paper

The Snow, a blues poem
by Otto O. (6th grade)

Oh, the snow, the snow, the snow.
The white, the warmth, the snow.
I feel so good. I think you know.

But then comes the rain!
Oh no, not the rain!
It wipes all the good snow away.

And I’m upset, thanks a lot rain! I hate you.
Now I can’t go sledding or skiing. Snow, I miss you.
I don’t know what to do.

Ode to Winter
by Scooter S. (6th grade)

Oh Winter how cold you are
Ever so hard to drive a car.
Ground is so white,
So hard to fly a kite.
The beautiful snow reflects the light,
Into the sky ever so white.
Ice skaters ready in the rink,
Some are afraid the ice might shrink.
Oh Winter why so short,
Until we get back to wearing a short sleeve shirt.

Pen to Paper
PS/IS 122Q Academy for the Intellectually Gifted, Queens, NY
Olaya Barr,  writer in residence