On a New Day

From Identity & Action

On a New Day
by Donnie (7th grade)

On a old day.
Wars were fought, people we lost. Lives were destroyed, lost in the void. People would cry, there
souls would cry. Homes were gone, by the strike of dawn. But wipe your tears, didn’t you hear?
Today’s a new day.
On a new day.
The sun will shine, to stop the cries. Wars are gone, peace we won. People reunited and were not
spited. Kids would play and then lay. In the grass where people pray. Now don’t you see. Now we
can be.
On a new day.

Future Journey
by Kejour (7th grade)

In the future, something wonderful might happen
In the future my life will be paid in days

In the future I’m going to do my best
I feel like I could fly to the west
Looking away from all the pest
In the future l will become the best
And I will be better than all the
People don’t have to be treated differently
Because of their colored skin
People need to be treated the way they want to be
In there holy skin
Thank god we have praise
Now it’s time for us to get raised

New Year, New Me
by Dayana (8th grade)

I. The Future is Near
Because there is a New Year.
I see Cheer, Laughter
And no Fear.
Love is up above,
Just like the doves.
Lightness takes over the brightness.
The Future is Near.

II. The Future is Near
As we grow fear,
of the new president we hear.
We fear of what,
Mother nature has installed for here.
Celebrities are nowhere near,
as they are buried in their own fear.
The Future is Near

Where The Future May Be
by Shamoy (8th grade)

To the death of many
Where tears of legends reap
Where death touches upon the people of the year
Where love ones no longer come

Hopefully again the lives of the people who have gone
In a world where the tears of death no longer must touch skin
In a world where hatred no longer breaks the ties of family
In a world where peace may come to make a collage of races
In a world where hatred may cease to exist
To come a time where we don’t hate

Identity & Action
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Erika Luckert,  writer in residence