Other Portraits

by Mikaela (8th grade)

Self Portrait as Book
by Mikaela (8th grade)

I am an open book.
I am a figure of my author’s imagination or a special memory.
I am full of pages and pages of written adventure.
Thrilling, fun, freedom are printed on each page. I am unique.
My story is unlike any others.
I know the story that no one has heard, besides the characters that have experienced it.
I am the story that children will read when they have nothing else to do, but will start to become interested in my written reality.
A story that I’ll never forget as long as children, teenagers, and adults keep reading it.

Self Portrait as Keys
by Damia (7th grade)

She holds me in her hands, my rough detailed skin. I was in her pocket I jingled knowing it annoyed her while we got to our destination. I make her hand smell like metal if she holds me for too long. For once I have good use! I open the luxuries of her life. I was hung up on a hook. Then quickly taken down and stowed away where darkness shines bright. I once sat there for two long nights in a row. I was sad cold and alone. Then I heard pounding on the window. It sounded like hail hitting the ground. But, I couldn’t do anything. I just laid there restless. I hoped that she would come back soon. Then as I was about to give up hope I saw a light.

Identity & Action
IS 392, Brooklyn, NY
Erika Luckert,  writer‐in‐residence