We Won’t Surrender

by Marylyn (9th grade)

We Won’t Surrender
by Marylyn (9th grade)

Why do I keep on failing?
Back to the old things
Is there hope when
Misery is coming
It takes a million people with creative minds
To fill this empty cup with joy
We can do it
We can do it
Cause we are born for this
Yes we are born for this
We’re going to show them that
We won’t stand down
No opportunity will pass us by
We won’t surrender
Cause we are born for this
No one going to stop us now
We are born for this

True Grit
Teachers Preparatory School, PS697, Brooklyn, NY
Jane LeCroy,  writer‐in‐residence

Image (top) via rooseveltinstitute.org

Jane LeCroy works as a poetry teacher in New York City schools through Teachers & Writers, and also teaches at a home school collective, and as an adjunct  professor at Eugene Lang College. She is a singer/poet who records, performs regularly and tours with her main project, the avant-garde TRANSMITTING. You can find out more about her and her work at www.JaneLeCroy.com