A student poem.

by Amiria (8th grade)

The year that had passed
Has been a year of heartbreak
And shock for the things that
May happen to minorities
The year where all hope has been loss
Even when the people we trust
are telling us to hold on
The year where people don’t know what to do
Because devastation has flown through
The year when we got knocked off our feet
And couldn’t get back up due to defeat

The year that we are in now
Is the year where we look forward
To better things
The year where people unite
Because they believe in what’s right
The year where we rekindle our hope and trust
Because better things are yet to come

In the years that are yet to come
I will fly away to a better place
For I am through troubles and disgrace
There will be people who stand with me
And in the years that are yet to come
I will learn something new
That we need to fall apart
So that we can be united at last.

Identity & Action
IS392, Brooklyn, NY
Erika Luckert,  writer‐in‐residence

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